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We are so excited to have the privilege of working together with fellow credentialed, high integrity, and professional colleagues.  We feel in the course of serving our clients, it is very important for our own sanity, capability, and client service that we have a reliable continuity and backup in place.  Working together as a team, we draw on our similar investment process and philosophy, and have the technical tools to allow us to collaborate, whenever any one of us are not immediately available.  We are confident that we will be able to continue to deliver personalized follow-through to help our clients and their families realize their financial and life goals.   

Included in some of these collaborative tools are management systems and investment analysis.  We have diligently searched and believe are presently utilizing one of the best analytical tools to decide when and how to take social security benefits.  We utilize a state-of-the-art financial planning program. You may benefit from aggregation tools that allow automated flowing of clients balances to update financial plans.   

 To better service our clients, we we have regularly scheduled meetings to be coordinated, review investment options, and benefit from each other's deep insights.

The world tends to talk about being service oriented, we are fortunate to have our Director of Client Relations, Staci Hernandez, who has a pleasant, can-do and accurate attitude to service clients.  We also enjoy the utilization of three virtual assistants who allow us to be streamlined, yet have great depth and backup.

Also backing up our team is LPL Financial.  As an example, in their respective departments, we can call upon any one of six CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM practitioners and glean from their full time focus on financial planning issues.  We share with them access to all client plans where we can be very efficient and productive in offering best-of-breed collaboration.    

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