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Who We Work With

While we enjoy helping a variety of clients pursue their financial goals, we have found that the best partnerships have a few things in common. During our discovery meeting, we will establish if we’d be a good fit together and help you establish short and long-term goals. 

Our best clients:

  1. Have an asset level that allows us to take advantage of our robust skillset. This might include tax perspectives, asset perspectives, asset location perspectives, and estate planning perspectives.
  2. Have the right attitude. We enjoy working with people that are reasonable in their expectations and enjoyable to interact with. We do not move markets. We cannot accomplish the impossible. We value the long-term relationships we build with our clients and enjoy working with individuals who appreciate this sense of loyalty.
  3. Are willing to delegate the investment execution
  4. Are willing to do some homework on their important goals and dedicate focused attention to working together. Timely decisions help both of us build your long-term goals and objectives. 
  5. Are willing to become advocates for us if we work together and value our advice. They introduce us to their family and friends because they have seen how our work helps them make better financial decisions and want to share this guidance with others. 

There’s no obligation to become a client of CCWM, even after we have our first meeting together. This is the time to ask questions and determine whether or not we’re a good fit. We focus our attention on creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Let’s have a no-obligation, no-cost introductory call. Contact us today.

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