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Planning Services

Thank you so much for your interest in trying to improve your financial future and exploring if we could be a good fit for each other.

We have provided the material below to give you a sense of our engaging Financial Planning process. We believe by taking the time to better define your complexity and the things you're trying to accomplish, we can then go through an organized process to understand:

Our Financial Planning Process

  1. Your investment risk.
  2. The risk presently in your portfolio.
  3. Clarification of your financial finish line.
  4. Understanding the various sources of cash flow that will drive those goals.
  5. Your goals and dreams

To determine if we're a good fit for each other, we'd ask that you be open with all questions and willing to do a brief amount of homework so we can properly understand your situation.

We find as far as looking for an appropriate fit from clients, they need to have:

  1. An asset level that allows us to take advantage of our robust skillset that might include tax perspectives, asset perspectives, asset location perspectives, and estate planning perspectives. We typically find clients that have investible assets of at least $500,000 allow us to exercise what we believe is our greatest skillset.
  2. Attitude. Although we fully respect and have no problem dealing with clients that are legitimately demanding, we want to interact with people that are reasonable in their expectations and enjoyable to interact with. We do not move markets. We cannot accomplish the impossible. We value the long term collegial family type relationship that we enjoy with our existing client base where we're happy to pick up the phone and interact with reasonable request.
  3. You have to be willing to delegate the investment execution.
  4. Your important goals need your focused attention. There will be some “homework and study” on your behalf. You should make needed decisions in a timely fashion to help pursue your long -term goals and objectives.
  5. We strive to deliver the type of value and service that clients will become advocates for us and allow us to be a sounding board to help their friends and families make their better financial decisions. This in no way obligates anybody to have to work with us and become a client, that is a separate discussion much like the one we're going through here.

What to Bring to Your First Meeting:

  1. Your most recent two years tax returns.
  2. Copies of all insurance statements.
  3. Copies of all investment accounts.
  4. Copies of benefit packages from work or retirement.
  5. Copies of your existing social security benefit or social security statements.
  6. What you goals and dreams are for your life and family.

This initial meeting is a no obligation, no cost meeting for us mutually to better understand each other's situation and skillset. If at the end of that meeting we feel that we're a good mutual fit, we discuss steps that we take to onboard clients.

The CCWM Team