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Thank you for reaching out to us at Client Centric Wealth Management. Please allow us to introduce   ourselves in the video below.


I have taught and strongly endorse Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University concepts.

In mutual respect for our time we describe, we’ve created this brief introductory video outlining the services we offer. If these services are a potential fit for you please let us know by clicking below to schedule a brief introduction call.


We are looking to build long-term, mutually respectful relationships.

It starts with being transparent and ensuring we’re a good fit for each other.







Here are some questions we are often asked:


1. What is your experience as an investing professional?  I started investing during college in 1973. I’ve enjoyed decades of investments in the securities markets, private businesses, real estate both on a personal and employment level.  While an officer at USAA, I ran their $1B+ commercial real estate portfolio.  I’ve been full time as an investment professional for 17 years.  I have an MBA with honors and hold several board certifications including the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM credential. 


2. How will you help me manage risk in my investment portfolio?  We take the time to help our clients score their risk and then build portfolios aligned with those risk profiles.  We have some sophisticated tools to help us understand the times to be defensive. For appropriate accounts, we can access approaches that can short markets, that is, have the potential to make money in down markets.


3. How will you help me understand why you recommend certain investments for my specific situation? Absolutely, these are your assets. We take the time to explain what we’re doing an strive to explain what reasonable expectations are for all of your investments.


4. How do you get paid? The vast majority of our compensation is based on either a financial planning fee or an asset management fee.  If appropriate, we do hold a complement of licenses to provide solutions that might have a commission structure to them.  All compensation will be clearly outlined before we implement solutions.


5. What fees are associated with investing? In a broad sense, there are a host of costs to be conscious of some of which include: Asset advisory fees, mutual fund or ETF fees, trading cost, slippage, tax consequences, platform fees, commissions. We believe some of the biggest “cost” of investing poorly are: procrastination, over confidence, not having a plan, not saving enough, not taking advantage of the many retirement vehicles available. 


We generally find investors are in one of three categories:

The “do it yourselfers” who just won’t pay for professional guidance.  I respectfully council you to make sure you enjoy this, are good at it, and aren’t missing out on the many benefits of wise council.  We are not a good fit for this category.  If your views change on this, please reach out to us.
The “delegators”.  These investors recognize they need and want a professional to spend their time and experience so the delegator can live their own life.  We’re an excellent complement to these investors.
Those who want a credential, unbiased sounding board/copilot.  They know financial and estate planning decisions are VERY important and they respect having a partner for their journey.  We will be a valuable resource for these smart investors. 

As we’ve outlined; we can assist in one of two ways:

If you’re in the “Builder” phase of life, as a financial planner/coach where we rightfully earn a planning fee.
If you have at least $250,000 of security assets we can advise on, our compensation will come from a competitive asset advisory fee.

To book a no obligation phone call with Eric please choose either of our Dave Ramsey SmartVestor options below to access our calendar.


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